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Colleges Placement

AVINS participating universities are fully accredited and promote experimental learning within wide ranges of educational programs.

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How does AVINS works?

Our professional staff works together with students finding the best suitable educational opportunities in virtually any field of study. We assist them with any questions they have regarding their high school courses and activities. In addition, we help them plan for life after high school by providing the most up-to-date information about colleges and universities, as well as standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT. We assist students in completing college applications, essays, statements of purpose, and any other requirements necessary to help them achieve their dreams of attending the best colleges and universities.

A Quick Look at the Application Timeline

18 months before college classes begin

  • Begin your search

  • Register and prepare for required entrance exams


12-14 months before college classes begin

  • Choose schools to which you will apply

  • Obtain forms and information and forms


11 months before college classes begin

  • Request forms and information again if necessary


10-12 months before college classes begin

  • Identify your references

  • Request transcripts from your school

  • Write your application essay or personal statements

  • Retake entrance exams if scores are unsatisfactory

The education counselors at AVINS are zealous in our mission to fulfill the hopes of parents and inspire students to achieving their potential through proper planning. It is AVINS' long term plan to serve the education needs of students and parents in the Asian market in the years ahead.

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