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Be a Host Family

Hosting an international student can be a rewarding experience. Our homestay program are mostly for high school students from other countries to the USA who want to experience a different culture and pursue their education in America.  During the adjusting process, our homestay support team will assist you and students every step of the way!

Our student body

80% of our host families host our students for multiple years.  Our students are 90%+ from China, and the rest are from Southeast Asia, and Europe. The students mostly range in age from 14 to 19, they are from different cultures, and willing to share traditional and value with their new host family.

Homestay support

•    Prescreening student prior to placement, to ensure high-qualified match.
•    Students must understand English.  
•    A dedicated coordinator to assist host family with issues.
•    Electronic monthly stipend to cover international student's expenses.
•    Monthly communication or home visiting

What we expect from a host family

•    A willingness to accept other cultures
•    A willingness to accept international students to be part of your family
•    Be able to provide a private bedroom for the international student
•    Be able to provide daily meals and groceries for students
•    Be able to provide transportation for student to and from school, or busing provided by the local school district.

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