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Letter from the President

 Congratulations on having made the decision to study in the US. Choosing to live with a host family can be one of the most important decisions you make, affecting your development for years to come. You will be dealing with different cultural values, language barriers, and social issues.

Our company provides a comprehensive service to its students, ushering them from the familiar setting of home, into the new and exciting environment of the American educational system, and on to the moment of graduation. The student is never alone through the whole process of applying and coming to America through the completion of their secondary education.


AVINS also provide academic support for our students in addition to facilitating their admittance and living arrangements. This is a great example of AVINS’s commitment to the success of each of its students. It is a privilege being an integral part of student’s journey toward scholastic accomplishment. Some adjustments need to be made by you as well as by your host family. What we hope is to make this a valuable experience for you, both in terms of education and personal satisfaction.


All the best,

Vincent Teh



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