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About the program


American School Experience

Simplest, most affordable, and most effective

AVINS Short-term American School Experience Program offer high school students opportunities to experience life in the United States by living with a family and experiencing American culture first-hand. We facilitate programs for organized groups and also individual students traveling independently. While we do have set programs from which to choose, we are able to customize these programs to accommodate a variety of program needs in terms of specifications, lengths, and seasons.


The standard programs are three to four weeks in length but can vary from two weeks to up to six weeks. We strive to provide a range of educational and recreational options so that students have the freedom to select a program that best suits their particular goals and time frame. Participants enter the U.S. on either an F-1 or tourist visa, depending on school choice and course load.


* AVINS works with many schools across the U.S. to provide students a diversity of locations, tuition rates;

* Academic Students receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program documenting the courses that they have audited. There are course options and more.

* Students audit their courses and do not receive grades or transcripts.

Program includes

* Airport pick-up and drop-off

* Placement with a screened host family

* Arrival orientation

* Breakfast, lunch and dinner

* Full-time enrollment in an American Junior or high school

* A Local Coordinator to give guidance and supervision

* Student progress reports

* Medical insurance

* 24-Hour emergency line

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