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About Avins

AVINS International Education is a homestay placement and educational advising company that supports high school students from around the world wishing to attend a U.S. high school and live with an American host family. We are committed to promoting access to information that will allow students and families to track student progress, maintain communication between students, natural parents, schools and AVINS.

Our mission

•    To promote culture exchange opportunity for international students and US students and family.

•    To bring international students and American schools together by providing the simplest, most affordable, and most effective advising and placement service by our experience counselors.


High School Homestay Program

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How does it work?

AVINS International Education works closely between schools, students, host families, and parents to provide a positive outcome. We currently work with more than 50 private high schools in the northeast area and many quality host families with open heart and welcoming international students in our program.

AVINS monitors student progress by implementing a study plan. Every quarter our homestay support team will personalize a student action plan to ensure that they have the best outcome. Student performance reports are sent to parents every quarter.  We provide an extensive  list of academic support services to prepare our students for their dream college.

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